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Full Body Massage

Appointments Monday-Friday and one Saturday a month. Upon reading this information, if you feel Massage Therapy is right for you, then please either submit your information or call us at 1-888-MD-GOLLA, to schedule with Diane Cammerata LMT.

Deep Tissue Myotherapy

Ease your pain. This medical based therapy focuses on specific areas by incorporating specialized techniques with deeper pressure using Neuromuscular Therapy and Myofacial release to break up contractures in the muscle tissue that causes muscle spasm and stretches to increase range of motion and flexibility.

Sports Massage

Not just for the athlete anymore. This massage is recommended for those with injuries, chronic pain, and restricted range of motion in specific areas. Special techniques are used to prevent further injury and speed up the healing process.

Scar Tissue Therapy

Minimize the appearance of scars and increase mobility in the affected area. Massage cannot be performed on scars up to 3 months after injury or longer, depending on the case. Medical release may be required..

Specialty Swedish Massage

Pamper yourself to a light to medium pressure signature massage like no other. Incorporating soothing Swedish strokes and free flowing techniques..

Head, Face, Neck and Shoulder Release

Relax and enjoy this specialized treatment using Aroma Therapy to ease the mind and special techniques to target those areas in the muscles where most of us carry our every day stressors and chronic pain..

Hand and Foot Reflexology

Focusing on the points of the hands or feet that corresponds to your organs and functions for the whole body. By stimulating these points the entire body can be positively affected..

Chair Massage

Experience total relaxation and relieve stress from everyday life. You can be fully clothed and the techniques are just as effective as a table massage. Great for a lunch break or professionals with few minutes to spare..

This is per minute. 15 minute minimum. All massages are performed by a licensed massage therapist in the state of Pennsylvania.